Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Summer Time!!

Hali'a's friend, Addison had a princess ball for her 4th birthday and Hali'a LOVED the idea that she got to be dressed like a Princess!!

We went on vacation with the Jenks family to Bass Lake.  While there we visited Yosemite....AMAZING!  
Our family had a blast!
Thank you to Dadbo, Mombah, Grandma Betty, Dan, Annette, Lala, Jeff and Sawyer:)

Jon and I celebrated our 5th anniversary in Yosemite.
We got to soak for an hour in bath tubs with aromatherapy:)

 Then we got massages:)
Happy 5 years, Jon:)
 Traffic Jam--with two horses leading the way!
 Hali'a "working".  She is reading the crib instruction manual while eating ice cream!
 La'a in an outfit my Grandma May made for me.  I wore it, Hali'a wore it, and now it's La'a's turn:)
 Deer time with Bumpa at Yosemite

 The giant grizzly red.  What an amazing site!!  We didn't even make it to the big trees!!

 Boat ride at Bass Lake...Thank you, Bumpa:)

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Julia K said...

Looks like such a fun trip :)