Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our fun times!!

We have a lot of fun times at our house!!
This month we got to celebrate March birthday peeps!!
GG's birthday was on March 12th and Grammy's birthday was on March 2nd!!

Lala made a beautiful chocolate strawberry cake! It was delish!

Birthday shout outs to all other March bday peeps including Papa Adachi and Tutu Man!!

Today (March 22nd) was dance day at our house. We like to dance to country music here:)
It looks like La'a was pushed by Hali'a but actually La'a is pretty new at standing/walking so she fell while Hali'a was making a weird dance pose:) I'm a great photographer, huh!

Lastly, we have a lot of yummy treats here like dirt and rocks from the house plant:)
Anyone hungry?

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Julia K said...

Love the dancing pictures!!! And the cake looks to die for :)