Monday, November 21, 2011

Hali'a's 3rd Birthday Princess Party

Hali'a had a little Princess party with some of her friends and here are the pictures of that fun-filled event...

We made bracelets and necklaces, painted our nails, painted our faces, played a game and had fondue! It was tons of fun! Thank you Addison and Alizea for coming and for the fun birthday gifts!!

And our La'akea just hanging out at the party.
She was sad that she couldn't have a cupcake:)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hali'a's 3rd Birthday at Disneyland

Hali'a is a very special child to us. We are so thankful to Heavenly Father for blessing us with her here on earth. She is amazing and we were so happy to be spending her 3rd birthday at the magical world of Disneyland (thanks Megan).
It was so fun to have Grammy and Bumpa there too! Nanz and Papa, we wished you could have came with us, but we'll spend next years birthday with you:)

Here are pictures (since no one ever wants to read about things, we'd rather see them, right?)


She is always smiling and laughing...

Peek-a-boo La'a!!!

La'a likes to play peek-a-boo in her crib.
We sit at one end of the crib and she crawls to find us then we move to another side she'll scoot to that side to find us...she can play this forever (it's mommy who can't).
We love her so much. She makes us smile every day!!

Jam Session in the Car

Whenever we are in the car Hali'a is ALWAYS singing or dancing or playing a pretend instrument. She is such a fun girl and we love her so much.
I'm glad she loves music as much as our family does!!!

My silly girls!!!

A Sunday at church...
La'akea, our happy girl:
and Hali'a, our princess:

They really are best friends!!

They play this game where La'a peeks from her crib and Hali'a jumps from the rail of her bed on to her butt. They laugh for hours playing this over and over and over again!!!

Our girls hanging out while we wait for my Hematologist:)