Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Laughing La'a

Here's La'a actually laughing on video:)

Hali'a's First Hair Cut!!!

Hali'a got her first hair cut yesterday and since it was a HUGE event for us we took videos and at least 30 pictures:) Here's a video and some pictures (not all though)...

The Before Pictures:
This is after her bath so it's nicely brushed:)
Her curls are so long!

In the dress her uncle jakey and aunty ka'ui bought her:)
The After-ish pictures:
She picked the red fire car herself and she had that death grip on the steering wheel the whole time:)
Thank you Grammy for getting my hair cut and thank you Lala for being one of my photographers:)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Our growing gals

Hali'a and La'akea are growing quickly so here's a recent picture of them...
It perfectly shows how quickly they're growing; Hali'a's pajama tops/bottoms are all too short and her hair is crazier than ever and La'akea's bustin' out the buttons on her clothes already! Geez we need to get to the store/hair dressers :)

4th of July

I don't know if you know this, but, 4th of July is kind of a big deal around here!
It's the one day of the year that the city of Buena Park allows fireworks and boy do the city residents take advantage of it!


I feel like I walked right onto a civil war scene in hollywood because it's smokey and loud and the lights are amazing!! No wonder it's Jon's favorite holiday!! When we started dating at BYU he told me about all these 4th of July celebrations but I know now exactly what he means when he says that it's "legit"!

This 4th of July was fun for all of us. We went swimming in the Valenzuela's pool with friends, jumped in the bounce house at Russ and Cindy's house, I sang at the Shield's gathering, and witnessed the huge firework show that Russ and Troy Smits put on. It was AWESOME!
I didn't get much pictures of the girls but my friend Laura did so as soon as I get those pics I'll post em. For now, all the pics I have is of my 2 girls pooped out from the day's adventure!

We are counting down the days 'til next year's celebration:)

Jon's Father's Day Lunch with his Dad

For Father's Day, Kenny took Jon out to Father's office, a bar with AWESOME burgers.
Jon had never been there and the place was on Food Network's 'Best thing I ever ate' show so he was excited to go, and apparently a lot of other people were too...

Jon said the burger was good and he enjoyed the experience with his dad!

Thanks Kenny for taking Jon out, he's always up for a break from the girls:)
Thanks for always being a great dad and Bumpa to our family; we freaking love you!!

To my dad back home:
I love and miss you so much! I can't even being to explain how much I miss singing with you and eating your ono food and baked goods!! (and listening to your jokes--Jon said my jokes are exactly like yours and I'm glad I'm like you and inherited your skills:)

Friday, July 01, 2011

Update on the Hawaiian Jenks girls

So I've been a slacker with the photo taking but it's because our camera broke about a month ago. It's pretty sad but we'll be fixing it real soon. By next week, I promise!
Well, since the camera broke a lot has been going on...

The happs in Laakea's life:
She's now 3 months old and weighing 10 pounds and is 22 inches long. She is almost turning over from back to belly and LOVES to chat. She loves when people stare at her in the face and chat with her.
She is eating 3.5oz every 2-3hours so she's probably in a growth spurt! She sleeps about 8 hours every night, falling asleep around 9:30ish and getting up around 6ish. Then she eats, burps and falls right back to sleep on her own until around 8:30.
She's a FANTASTIC baby! She rarely cries and is smiling a lot!!!

The happs in Hali'a's life:
Hali'a is 2years and 8months old. She's still in the 20 pounder category as far as weight goes and still pretty short. She is so brilliantly smart and funny. She has great memorization skills and taught herself how to count to 14. It's crazy how fast she learns! She has so much personality and everyone keeps telling me to put her in movies or commercials but I don't really know how to do all that stuff.
If you ask her how old she is her usual answers are 16 or 19. She loves being a princess and also loves to act out scenes from Tangled. She's definitely a Jenks girl cause she can speak verbatim the lines from movies she watches. Her favorite lines include:
"Who are you, and how did you find me?" -Tangled
"You killed my father" "No Buzz, I am your father!" -Toy Story 2
"Welcome to Sunny side, folks" -Toy Story 3
She also loves to sing songs from movies or the morning tv shows she watches (Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Micky Mouse Clubhouse, Chuggington).
She's got sass and spunk and we love her to pieces!

The happs in the parents life:
Same old, same old. We get a few surprises here and there when Laa will poop up and out of her diaper but we guess she's just spicing up our lives:)
Jon and both work for L.A. Records and are still living in our ghetto fabulous apartment. We teach Sunday school every Sunday and generally just like to hangout with family.

We promise pictures are coming next week:)