Friday, June 10, 2011

Our Sweet Girls

La'akea and Hali'a are growing so quickly. Here are some recent pics of them...

La'akea Maren Jenks:
Loves to smile and talk, sleep and eat, and be held.
Favorite word: aaaahh

Hali'a Mei-Ling Jenks
Loves to sing and dance, watch movies and imitate movie characters, and eat treats.
Favorite Sentence: Who are you, and how did you find me? -Tangled
(I asked her to show me her ticket and this is her goofball pose she did)

Extreme Couponing...starting off small!

So I've watched one episode of Extreme Couponing on TLC. I thought it was great saving money and I would love to save money too but it's kind of hard to be that "extreme" when I don't have the storage space to really stock up on goods like those people on TV do.
I decided that I would start my couponing trial round for the next month. I will only buy the things that my family needs and some goodies but only in small amounts to see if it's actually worth the time and effort. If it turns out to be worth it then I might continue on a little bigger scale and maybe help my in-laws with their year storage supply :)

My first couponing trip:
(2 gallons of Rite Aid ice cream not shown in picture)
I paid only $10 for 13 items. Not bad at only 77cents/item.

Jon got in on the couponing action by helping clip the coupons I needed. I didn't even ask, he was just a sweetheart and did it!

Today is my CVS trip where I'll get 2 manual toothbrushes, 1 power toothbrush, 2 mouth washes, 2 deodorants, and one tube of toothpaste... 8 items total and I'll only pay $1.
Thank you Krazy Coupon Lady!