Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jenks Family Time!

We did a lot of fun things this summer with the Jenks ohana! Here are a few pictures of our fun summer...
Chucky Cheese with Bumpa, Grammy and Uncle Justy
Hali'a had so much fun and still talks about it!
Uncle Jeff, Aunty Amy, Kayla and Jocelyn visited so we had lots of fun with them too!
Bumpa holding La'akea for the first time
Uncle Jordan holding La'akea for the first time
Uncle Justy holding La'akea
Beach time!
Playing with Kayla
Grammy holding La'akea for the first time
La'akea and Jocelyn
Kayla and La'akea
Fun in the pool with Kayla

Hanging out with Uncle Jordan
La'akea seemingly giving Aunty Lala kisses
Last morning with Jocelyn and Kayla before they leave California

Thanks for visiting Uncle Jeff, Aunt Amy, Kayla and Jocelyn! We had so much fun with you here! We can't wait to see you all again, including your new baby boy (soon)!
Thank you Grammy, Bumpa, Uncle Jordan, Uncle Justy and Aunty Lala for all the fun times we have!!!

Nanz and Papa Visit

We were so lucky to have Nanz and Papa visit us this year! Nanz stayed for a month and a half to help mommy with La'akea and to play with me! We had a lot of fun. We were happy to share 2 special days with Nanz including her birthday on April 5th and Mother's Day!

Me and my Nanz at the Cheesecake Factory for her birthday
Papa came for a week for La'akea's blessing and to hang out with me too
Me and my Papa in front of a huge lego giraffe at Lego Land in Downtown Disney
Playing Princess Dominoes with Papa
Mommy and Nanz at the Fashion/Flower/Toy District in L.A.
Me and Papa getting ready to go to the Jenks' Easter party
Me and Nanz watching Shamoo at Sea World
Papa making La'akea smile!
Nanz's last day with us
Thank you Nanz and Papa for coming to visit us and doing fun things with us!
We love and miss you so much

Sea World

This year we were so lucky that Bumpa took our whole family to Sea World in San Diego! We all had lots of fun! Thank you so much, Bumpa!!

Kayla, Hali'a and Jocelyn in their matching outfits that Grammy bought...thanks Grammy!

The girls are getting excited to leave for Sea World!
Nanz, braving the Elmo ride with Hali'a
Watching the Sea Lion show:
Kayla, Hali'a, Aunty Lala, Jocelyn, Uncle Jeff, Uncle Justy, and Aubrey
Mommy and Hali'a looking at the Sea Lions and Seals

Blessing Day!

On May 1, 2011 we were able to bless La'akea at church. It was a special occasion because all of Jon's brothers were able to be a part of her blessing. Along with Jon and his brothers were La'akea's two grandpa and Uncle Jeff.
We were so blessed to have family and friends come to our ward and witness the beautiful blessing Jon gave. He blessed her that she would live true for her namesakes, which includes being a light to shine for others and lead them to Christ, and also a wonderful loving person like her Great grandmother, Maren.
Daddy and La'akea
Our family after the blessing
Jenks brothers
The blessing crew
GG and her 40th great grand child
La'akea in her blessing dress. The same blessing dress that her great grandmother, Maren (who she is named after) wore on her blessing day. Aunt Lala and Hali'a was also blessed in this dress...isn't that awesome!
Papa and La'akea
Nanz and La'akea
and Miss Personality, Halia

Easter 2011

Jon and his girls before the Jenks' Easter Party
Aubrey and her girls
After a successful egg hunt, Hali'a enjoys her chocolate egg
Easter Sunday with Papa and Nanz

Sisterly Love

Hali'a LOVES La'akea!!
I was worried about Hali'a being jealous of La'akea but it turns out the actual problem is Hali'a loves her so much!
We have to keep an eye on Hali'a because she loves to try and pick up La'akea or squeeze her and hug her. Hali'a's favorite thing to do is kiss her and she kisses very hard pushing her lips so hard that it pushes La'akea's head!
We're so happy she loves her so much!

Hali'a is also a very good big sister! When La'a is crying Hali'a will run over and yell, "it's ok, I'm right here!" and try to give her a pacifier. Sometimes she will soothe La'a with her beautiful singing (which always seems to work). She also likes to brush La'a's hair and help by throwing away diapers or wiping up spit up with the burp rag.
We hope they'll be best friends while they grow up!!

La'akea Maren Jenks

On March 28, 2011 we welcomed our 2nd baby girl, La'akea Maren Jenks.
We arrived at the hospital early in the morning.

Here we are waiting for things to get going...

The surgery took about fifteen minutes but we were happy La'akea was perfectly healthy at 5 pounds, 10 ounces and 19 inches long!
Our family's first picture with La'akea
La'akea and her proud sister, Hali'a
The reason for her name:
"La'akea" sacred light
"Maren" after her great grandmother