Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hali'a and her Daddy

Hali'a LOVES watching movies! Here she is bonding with Jon while they watch a movie:
Silly faces:

I always check on Hali'a before I go to bed and one night we found her sleeping with her baby doll. I think she's going to be such a loving big sister...don't you think so??

Monday, March 07, 2011

Girls' Sushi Party

Well, since moving into our new apartment we haven't had much excitement going on so I decided to throw a little Girls' Sushi-making party. It was fun to have a few gal friends over to talk and to enjoy sushi.

We had a little sushi rolling competition:
Jordan Toyer making her California roll

Lynette cutting her California roll:

Hilarie making her California Roll:
Megan with her winning tuna roll:

I didn't make any rolls but I did make some crab rice and Jon made some chicken katsu before he left for school
Megan introduced us to Nutella won tons and they were the bomb!!
Making those yummy dessert won tons:)

Thanks for a fun night girls!!
(Thanks Jon for making us chicken katsu)

Li'a the builder

One of Hali'a's favorite things to do during play time at home is build with her foam blocks. We've built houses for her miniature dolls and little bridges. It's fun to play with her! She used to need my help building but now she's so good at building things herself. Some are very impressive (and like the mother I am, I missed those amazing "kodak moments") but here are some pictures of her little buildings...

I think her only problem now is that she doesn't have enough blocks to keep building...guess we're gonna have to look for more:)