Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Singing 'if I die young'

Take 2 of Someone like you

Take 1 of Someone Like You

We learn so much from kids, don't we?!!

Have you ever had something just out of reach?

Well, kids can teach us everyday, mostly lessons on patience, but the other day I learned that if we desire something and keep reaching, doing all we can to do it....
We can totally do it.
and success will be sweet:)

Our happy girl, La'akea.
Here's what we call her "centerfold" pose.

She's a ham, right?!!

A Very Thankful Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful year and it was great to reflect on the blessings we've been given.
This year, we've been especially thankful for our little family. Hali'a and La'a has been such joys in our lives. They bring happiness and love into our family.
We love you girls!

La'a fell asleep trying to get out of her crib...

Thanksgiving day with Uncle Jordy

The happiest baby EVER...looks like Jon, but way happier!!!
Thanksgiving lunch with the King keikis

Hali'a and La'a eating grapes on Thanksgiving day:)

The friday after thanksgiving we went to Menifee, CA to spend the day with the Gonzales and Mautz ohana...
We all had a blast and the food was sooooo ono!!
(Thanks for the creamed corn Aunt was da bomb)

Grandma Betty invited us to her ward Christmas party in Torrance so we were so lucky to hang with her and see Santa!!
Can you see how excited Hali'a was while in line to sit on Santa's lap?!!!
My girls and Santa...thanks GG!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hali'a's 3rd Birthday Princess Party

Hali'a had a little Princess party with some of her friends and here are the pictures of that fun-filled event...

We made bracelets and necklaces, painted our nails, painted our faces, played a game and had fondue! It was tons of fun! Thank you Addison and Alizea for coming and for the fun birthday gifts!!

And our La'akea just hanging out at the party.
She was sad that she couldn't have a cupcake:)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hali'a's 3rd Birthday at Disneyland

Hali'a is a very special child to us. We are so thankful to Heavenly Father for blessing us with her here on earth. She is amazing and we were so happy to be spending her 3rd birthday at the magical world of Disneyland (thanks Megan).
It was so fun to have Grammy and Bumpa there too! Nanz and Papa, we wished you could have came with us, but we'll spend next years birthday with you:)

Here are pictures (since no one ever wants to read about things, we'd rather see them, right?)