Monday, August 30, 2010

Hitch-Hiker Hula

At the family kanikapila, Hali'a was very into the entertainment. In this video she copies the hula dancers. The song talks about driving a bus/van and picking up hitch-hikers, as shown by Hali'a's motions of bus driving and pointing to hitch-hikers to "jump on the bus"
Jon and I had a good laugh watching her try to dance hula that night...more videos to come:)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kanahele 'Ohana Reunion

In July 2010 my mother and sister flew to California from Hawaii to drive with us to Utah for our Kanahele 'Ohana reunion. When we finally got to Provo we stopped at mine and Jon's favorite restaurant, Sam Hawks. Hali'a ended up lying on the floor of the restaurant...
Grandma Lola and Sale singing their Samoan songKanahele Kanikapila time!

Mali'a, Nani girl's oldest daughter dancing hula

Grandma Lola, Grandma Bertha & Aunty Barbara

Hali'a really enjoyed all the singing, dancing and playing that night:)

Brandy's House

While in Utah we stayed at Aunty Brandy's house. Her family was so nice to us we absolutely loved them!

Here's mommy trying to get a picture of Hali'a girl but she wouldn't look at the camera

Mommy forcing Hali'a to look at the camera...

We never really got a good picture of Hali'a in that chair...

Outside of Aunty Brandy's house were a bunch of horses that Hali'a loved to look at...

Thanks for letting us stay at your house Aunty Brandy!!

Hali'a's Great-great grandma's Lu'au

Dad and his mission buddy who visited at the lu'au

Aunty Merilyn, over 70 years old and after a knee surgery she can still hula!!

Great-great Grandma Lola singing in the background...

Us with Uncle Mike and Aunty Merilyn

Great-great Grandma Lola after her lu'au. She is 94 years old and has had multiple surgeries on her face but she's still so strong!

Bye-Bye Utah!

On our way home from Utah we gave Hali'a a twinkie and she DESTROYED it!
It was funny at first until we remembered that we had to clean her up!

Fourth of July 2010

I've definitely been slacking off on blogging but I'm going to attempt to catch up little by little....

Fourth of July 2010...might be Jon's favorite holiday!

Hali'a seemed very excited for the fireworks but when the battle begun she was not having it!

Hali'a's first Fourth of July she tried to grab the sparkling part of her sparkler. This year--she wouldn't even attempt to grab anything!

We had a fun time with family and friends!!