Friday, May 28, 2010


Yesterday we kicked off the summer with a little pool party! We invited some of Hali'a's friends and had them over for fun in the sun and lunch!
We had a great time with everyone there! (If we missed you that day, don't worry, we'll have lots more pool parties this summer:)

Addison jumped right in--didn't even wait for anyone! Hali'a on the other hand, had to test out the water first!
Hali'a enjoying her pudding cup
The pudding gang: Alazea, Addison and Hali'a

This is when we realized we needed more than one we hurried over to Laura's house and got Addison's pool:) Thanks for letting us borrow it, Addison!
Honi honi Genivive!
Hali'a going for a ride with Alazea
Chillin' in the pool: Johnny King and Riley Valenzuela
Hali'a and Riley Valenzuela splashing in the Hansen pool
Hali'a with Stacey and Whitney King

Thank you to the following people who came and played with us that day:
Aunty 'Cookie', Aunty Lala, Laura and Addison Hansen, Stacey, Johnny, Whitney and Ethan King, Megan and Riley Valenzuela, Melanie, Derek and Lindsey Breamer, Conner LeBaron, and Marissa, Alazea and Genivive!

Splish Splash!!

Hali'a doesn't usually enjoy cold water or water splashing in her face, but she did at her pool party!

High-fives with Johnny

Hali'a absolutely enjoyed herself. She loved that lots of her friends came to play with her! Here's her friend, Johnny King. He's almost 4 but he's so great with her!

Beach Ride Video

Thursday, May 27, 2010


A few weekends ago our little family decided to go hiking. We got ready, packed lunches and headed off north on the 40 minute drive to the hiking grounds. Unfortunately, when we got to the hiking ground roads, it had been closed down due to the recent mud slides. So, after turning around Jon and I talked about what things we could do or where else we could hike. Jokingly I said, "let's go to San Francisco" right away he took a quick left onto another freeway ramp and we were heading north again.

We were trying to be spontaneous.

After a couple of hours on the road we decided not to go all the way to San Francisco, but we'd stop at a beach Jon knew of that we would be able to go camping on.
On our way we stopped at Cool Hand Luke's. Jon had a steak, I had some ribs and Hali'a had...well, just about everything we had.
To make a long story shorter...we didn't make it to the camping grounds, but we did stop at Pismo beach. We got to drive our car on the sand too. Jon says it's the only place in California that you can do that so that was cool. Hali'a loved it cause we let her stand up in the car while we drove on the beach. She watched the waves and all the birds eating crabs on the sand.

On the other side of the beach are sand dunes. Very, very fun!! We got to see people in pipe buggies and 4-wheelers and dirt bikes riding on the beach and the dunes. Even little children had their own beach machines that were just right for their size!
We parked and took a walk on the smaller sand dunes...

Like father...

Like daughter...
Dune posing with mommy

Dune sliding with daddy
She was so excited to be out on the beach! It was a little windy, but she loves the wind in her face!
Nice hair, Hali'a!

The biggest freaking sand crab I have ever seen in my life!
Hali'a tried to be brave and pet the sand crabs
A walk on the beach with daddy
Holding her two sand dollars that she found

That night we found a nearby motel...yes, motel. I wasn't too excited. In fact, I was pretty much scared because I watched that stupid movie 'Vacancy'. Which is about a guy and a girl being murdered in their motel room. The movie starts off with them arriving at the motel then finding videos of others being murdered in the same motel room which freaks them out. Anyway, bad movie; I wouldn't recommend it, but I was still a little freaked out about it.
First of all, the motel was small, not well lit, and was a little old and scary looking. When we went to check into a room, an older guy came out and was missing a finger and some teeth!! THOSE, TO ME, ARE WARNING SIGNS THAT THINGS MIGHT NOT BE TOO GOOD IN HIS LIFE AND HE MIGHT BE A LITTLE BITTER ABOUT HOW THINGS ARE GOING.
So, like a dummy, as soon as we were in the room I checked for murder videos...yes, I'm very easy to scare. Jon was laughing at me pretty much the whole night we were there. I even slept with the light on! Well, I say 'slept' but I had one eye open! That night our toilet was plugged. Not very fun! But, in the morning, after checking out we ate at this little breakfast place that was sooooo yummy!
We got a few things from Walmart for the drive home and was south bound for Orange county.

On our drive home Hali'a wasn't too excited about riding in the car seat so we tried to distract her with pictures, food, toys and books...

We had a fun, spontaneous weekend adventure. I think we want to go back there again...maybe next time we'll tell Jon's cousin, Joe and his wife Lani and son, Zealand to meet us there and we can go camping and ride on the sand dunes:)

Many Congratulations...

Aunty Vicky and Uncle Danny surprised us and brought over this cake and some very cute balloons for me. What sweethearts! This graduate school search is killing me though!
Congratulations Uncle Justy for getting so far in CIF volleyball! You were amazing and we are so proud of you!
Uncle Justy's #1 fans:
Hali'a-girl and her P.J. after his baseball game. Great game, P.J.!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hali'a went to nursery for the first time this past Sunday and was such a great girl about it...but we knew she was going to be since she's always happy and so friendly!
She didn't cry for us once!
I took her to the nursery door, let her in and she said, "bye-bye" and never looked back!
We are so proud of our beautiful growing daughter!

We dressed up for the special occasion in white, black and purple...

Hali'a is so funny. She has all these facial expressions that are priceless. So many people tell me to put her in movies or on magazine covers, but I guess I just don't know how to get started in that! Since I'm not doing anything this summer, I think I just might try it out.

Some of Hali'a's wonderful faces:

Sun+Water+Friends/Family = A very happy gal!

Washing the car with Uncle Justy
She loves water
She needs a drink...

Later that day she saw Alazea playing water so she went out for a second time...
Filling up their buckets
Our little girl is going to love summer!!

OC Fair

We went on lots of adventures while Nanz was here, and the OC fair was one of them!
On our way to the fair, Hali'a was all smiles!!
Kisses for Nanz
After devouring an oreo, she asks for more...
When we wouldn't give her any she signaled "all gone"
Then went on playing and wiping her hands on her pants and stroller...