Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cruisin' at the Adachi hale

Playing with her toys that Uncle Jakey and Aunty Kaui bought for her

Hali'a's "stink eye"

She likes to play with hats too

More golfing...

More pictures of their golfing excursion
pictures like these make her look like such a big girl!
shaka with papa
she loves playing with balls

Beach Time

Ok I stole these pictures from Kaui's facebook...thank you!
Hali'a's been having lots of fun on Molokai. Here's some pics of their beach outing...

Hali'a's favorite thing to do at the beach...
(I think the sound of the waves put her to sleep)

Geez Hali'a, don't you know that crack kills?!!

on their way home from the beach
stopping by mana'e goodz n grindz
of course she can't take her eyes off of aunty abi's ice cream

Happy Birthday Daddy!

April 23rd was Jon's 28th birthday. Hali'a celebrated even though she was in Hawaii. We got an email with these pics from Hawaii for Jon's birthday...

My family and Hali'a celebrated Jon's birthday by going golfing.
Thanks for the pictures; we love them!

Aunty Val's funeral

Hanging with Aunty Kat and cousin Aiden
She loves playing with Uncle Jakey's hair
On our way to Aunty Val's funeral
After the funeral we went to Annie Miller's
Hali'a was crash-out...she likes to put her feet up so she used me to lift her feet...what a funny girl

"Playing Water"

A girl of many faces...

Ono Rainbow's Drive-Inn

While in Oahu for Aunty Val's funeral we got to eat ono food from the famous, Rainbow's Drive-Inn, at a nearby park with some of our Chang ohana. It was sooooo ono!!!

Hali'a was pooped out and crashed on Uncle Jakey
Playing with cousin Lia
Everybody enjoying the ono kaukau
Even Hal'a enjoyed the food
Getting a sip from Uncle Gaylen

Hanging with Zeke

While in Hawaii we got to hang out with cousin, Zeke.
They had lots of fun running around Pearl Ridge's food court!
I love this picture of Zeke squatting to chat with Hali'a. Hali'a's like a head shorter than Zeke so it was so funny to watch them try and hug and stuff...
Hali'a and Uncle Lylo
(yes, my daughter's not shy to eat anyone's food)
Thanks for letting us see you guys, Lyle, Jules and Zeke! We love and miss you!