Monday, March 29, 2010

Getting ready for Easter

Catching Hali'a doing what she loves best...stuffing things under her neck. She has this weird thing with putting anything she can find under her neck and holding it with her chin.

This is how Hali'a posed after I told her to smile for the camera..

Thank you Lala for the cute Easter dress; Thank you Nanz for the pretty jade bracelet; Thank you Grammy for the pretty shoes; Thank you Addison for the pretty flower pin!!

Our New Car

This past Saturday we got a new car. Our '92 Toyota Camry just wasn't cutting it anymore. We found a great deal for a '10 Rav4 and decided to go for it. It's been 2 days having it and we LOVE it! It's so spacious for our family and will be big enough if we ever decide to have another baby. Yay!! No more smoking oil, broken axles, or ducking into a car!!

2 Fun Days

On March 18th Hali'a and I got to hang out with the sweet sweet King kids. The twins are 3 years old, Whitney and Johnny, and the youngest, Ethan, is almost a year. We had such a fun time! Whitney and Johnny are so loving and kind to Hali'a and she just thinks they are so fun! She loved following Whitney around and Whitney loved having a little "opihi". Ethan is twice the size of Hali'a and he is such an awesome baby! So easy going! Thank you, Stacey for letting us play with your keikis! Call us anytime you need us to come over again:)
On Saturday, March 20th Jon and I were honored to join Grandma Betty at her birthday celebration dinner at Knott's Berry Farm. We had an awesome meal and a fun time visiting with Grandma Betty and her children. Thank you Grandma Betty for an amazing dinner and for inviting us this year! We hope you have many more birthdays to come!!
We love you!!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Whales in Hawaii 3

Whales in Hawaii 2

Whale siting in the Pacific #1

We were so lucky to see some whales while in Hawaii in January. Sorry I didn't post these earlier...I forgot that I had them.


Here's a video for my ohana in Hawaii who has never seen Hali'a walk before:

It's funny because she's still very petite so when we are in store people are amazed because they think she's so young! They are even surprised at how many teeth she has and how well she communicates.

Monday, March 08, 2010

More recent pictures of Hali'a

She loves to drink the water when she's bathing

Chillin' with dad, watching TV

Ready for church!

She also loves flowers

Rewind a little bit....

I found these pictures from earlier this year...

Hali'a hanging out in her crib

She LOVES "babies"

Playing with her computer from Aunt Shiela

In her sponge bob outfit from Uncle Jacob

Talking to herself in the mirror


Hanging out with Uncle Jacob before he left to fly home to Hawaii

Jacob's hamster, Patch, died.