Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Valentines 2010

This year we had a wonderful Valentines day! Instead of getting presents for each other, we celebrated on Saturday by doing something for others and going to the Newport Beach temple for an endowment session. It is always amazing for me to be in one of the Lord's beautiful temples, but it made it much more special to be there with Jon. On Sunday Jon made this AMAZING dinner--but Jon always makes yummy dinners so I guess I'm just lucky every night. I couldn't think of a better Valentines celebration!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Dentist Excursion

This past week Hali'a went in for her first dental check-up. The dentist was pretty amazed at how many teeth she had. After an inspection, Hali'a's dentist said she had great teeth and no cavities. That was great news to me because I had horrible teeth when I was a young kid so hopefully her teeth will stay healthy. Hali'a loves brushing her teeth though so I'm sure dental hygiene won't be a big problem for her:) The dentist we went to was an older Japanese man, which reminded me of my grandpa. He was very nice and great with Hali'a and a lot of his staff were from Hawaii so it made me feel at home again so that was a treat for me!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

My Pineapple Sunday

While on Oahu we visited Alan at KoAloha Ukulele. About 3-4 years ago Alan and Pap KoAloha promised me a "Pineapple Sunday" ukulele, one of their 7 masterpiece ukuleles. They gave it to me when I visited them on Oahu before we returned to California. It was so great! I thought they had forgotten, but they didn't and now I have my own awesome ukulele to practice on. I'll have to take good care of it cause it's worth $1500-$2000.
Mahalo Alan and Papa KoAloha for my Pineapple Sunday!

Mahalo Cameron and Lohi for bringing your camera:)

Oahu Ohana

Hali'a got to hang out with her ohana in Oahu for a night and she loved being with them!
She got to see some Uncles, some Aunties, and some of her cousins...


Trying on clothes

Now days, when Hali'a tries clothes on, everything goes on her head like she's trying to put on a shirt. Here she is trying on my pajama pants!

Sailing with Eric

This past Saturday Hali'a went on her first sailing trip! It was so much fun! Our family went with Jacob, Kevin, Mike & Mike's friend, Eric. It was a lot of fun and a beautiful day!

Seagulls trying to eat the chips

Bonding with Uncle "Jaybob"

Jacob's Birthday

On Jan. 22nd, Jacob's 19th bday, Hali'a woke him up by walking his present out with her lion. It was pretty cute!

Jacob got exactly what he wanted for his birthday...well, one of the things he wanted...a waffle maker!

A little more time on Molokai

One of Hali'a's favorite tricks is to "balance." She's actually very good at it!

We were fortunate enough to be on Molokai for cousin Kholzan's 1st birthday party and had fun with the family. Here are some of Kholzan's aunties dancing him a song...

Hanging out at Tutu-man's house
So hard to say "goodbye"

Maui Bound...

At the last minute we were able to go to Maui on the Molokai Princess. It was at least 1.5 hour boat ride to Maui...

We finally made it and Hali'a was in a great mood!

Whale watching

Visiting my Uncle's lavender farm in Kula, Maui...
It was so beautiful in the clouds!

Uncle Ali'i took us on a tour of his beautiful farm...Hali'a loved riding the cart!

Us and Uncle Ali'i

He let us stay at one of his cottages close to his farm, it was so beautiful!

Leaving Maui from Lahaina harbor

We saw lots of whales but we didn't get a good picture of it...bummer, it was AMAZING!

We made it back to Molokai!