Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baby #2 Update

Just a cute picture of Hali'a (that I stole from Hilarie's blog;thanks, Lala!)

Well, I'm about 25 weeks along and according to my check up last Friday everything is completely normal!! The baby's heart beat was pacing at a normal rate and working properly.

In the first trimester of pregnancy I lost 25 pounds but since my 2nd trimester I've gained 9 of those pounds back! I'm also feeling a lot better and have way more energy than before!

This baby girl moves a lot and I love feeling her. It is my favorite part of pregnancy! It's amazing to actually feel her move inside me like she's ready to run and play! Hali'a thinks it's funny to feel the baby kick her hand as well! I have a habit of pulling my shirt up and rubbing my belly anytime we are at home and I'm lying down. Now Hali'a has decided to do the same but she does it wherever we are and even when she's standing so now I'm trying to teach her not to do that. She's going to be a great big sister; we can tell she is ready to have a playmate:) In her prayers she thanks Heavenly Father for her "baby sister in mommy's belly"'s really the cutest thing to hear:)

Jon and I are excited but haven't been able to put a name list together yet. We have the 2nd and 3rd runner-up names from when I was pregnant with Hali'a but those aren't grabbing us like they use to. I'm sure we'll figure it out though. Anyone have any suggestions?

Tomorrow is my appointment to see the Cardiologist for a fetal echo. It's like an ultrasound but it's an advanced one that allows the cardiologist to see the inner workings of the baby's body--especially the heart functions. He can check the blood flow and see if there are any holes in the baby's heart and also monitor the communication between each heart chamber. It's pretty amazing to see what he sees on the screen. What a blessing it is to be living in a time when all these technologies are available to help me and the baby!

Mahalo to all of our wonderful friends and family who've said countless prayers and have fasted on our baby girl's behalf. We love all of you and are so thankful to have you in our lives!
We'll keep you posted throughout the pregnancy!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby #2

Here are a some pictures of Baby #2. We will be blessed with another baby girl around April 2, 2011!! We don't have a list going with girl names yet but if you have some suggestions we'd love to hear 'em!

The ultrasound tech drew in her face for me:)
Baby's profile:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hali'a's 2nd Birthday and a visit from Nanz and Papa

Hali'a had a fun-filled week with her Nanz and Papa visiting for her 2nd birthday!

The first thing Hali'a did when we got home with her Nanz and Papa??
Go through their stuff, of course!!!
Party Day: November 13, 2010
Daddy made an awesome Pablo and butterfly cake. Aunty Lala made a yummy chocolate cake, and Grammy made some red velvet cupcakes...
Hali'a and some of her gal friends from church
Time to sing "Happy Birthday" and make a wish...

and Hali'a's favorite part...looking at all her presents
(of course, as soon as she opened one she wanted to stop opening presents and just play with that one gift:)

Bugging Nanz to open her princess tricycle from Uncle Troy

It was a very fun party...thanks to all our friends and family who came and celebrated with us! For all of you who couldn't make it, it's okay...there'll be more years:)

After church with her Papa

One of the last days that her Nanz and Papa was visiting, I caught Hali'a on her potty and she saw me and gave me a stink face and with attitude said, "what are you doing?!!"

WE MISS YOU, PAPA AND NANZ!! Come visit us again, soon!!!!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year's Halloween costumes were simple and affordable. We decided to make our own costumes instead of buying them to save some money.
All together we spent around $11 for all 3 costumes.

I was a Utah BYU grad on the Price is Right:
Jon was stone cold Steve Austin:
and Hali'a was Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street:

Hali'a and her best friend, Addison:

Hali'a had to look at each candy or toy that was put in her basket.
She said, "trick or treat", then they'd drop a candy in her basket and she'd pick up what they dropped and if she liked it she said, "thank you" and they'd respond, "you're welcome; have fun!" and Hali'a would reply, "have fun!"

Hali'a loved trick or treating. We took her around our block on Halloween and she would run up the drive ways and yell, "knock-knock!!" "trick or treat!"
My favorite part was watching her that night...she's so funny! Definitely not shy when getting candy or treats!!

Now we're ready for Thanksgiving:)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So much fun!!

Here she is...this is her daily thing. She has so much fun doing it though, it's hard to get mad at her!

She loves to just sit in that little spot!
Yogurt bath!
Hali'a loves yogurt but recently she wanted to try out yogurt on her skin...

We love Hali'a so much. She's such a simple little girl. Anything makes her laugh and smile!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where's Hali'a?

Last week I sent Hali'a to the room to take a nap. Usually when she's tired she throws a fit and will fight her nap (like I'm sure many other children do), but that day she dropped her toys and walked straight into her room. I was reading in the living room and didn't hear a peep in the room so I was happy that she was so obedient that day.
After about 10 minutes of silence I thought I should check on her (just in case she was into something she shouldn't have been). I looked on my bed, cause that's usually where she'll climb up and sleep since she can't climb into her crib, but I didn't see her. I looked in the bathroom to see if she was fooling around in there but I couldn't find her. I checked under the bed cause once she took a nap under my bed and couldn't get out but she wasn't there either. Then I realized the sliding glass door was open and I got scared cause I knew she could open the screen door. All these horrible thoughts ran through my mind of finding her outside on the street or near our neighbors deadly Chihuahuas!

While standing by the door I saw her little head popping out from behind the pillow...

I guess I couldn't see her at first glance because of the angle she was in and the angle of our door. What a sweetheart, she was so obedient (that time), and I was so happy to see her sleeping under my pillow!

A Lovely Visit

My last "catch-up" post with our visit from Jeff and his family.
We all had such a wonderful time being with Jeff, Amy, Kayla and Jocelyn! It was our first time meeting Jocelyn and she was such a sweet girl to be around. She makes everyone smile and want to give her hugs! We love her so much! Kayla is always fun to be around! She has lots of energy and is very smart! She amazes everyone!
Hali'a especially LOVED spending time with her two cousins! Since they left she has asked for both of them everyday!
We love and miss all of you! We can't wait to see you again!!

The girls enjoying the summer weather by playing outside in their tent with yummy popcorn!

Hali'a has tried nonstop to get kisses and hugs from Jocelyn but Jocelyn wasn't too into it. Kayla tried to get kisses and hugs from Hali'a but Hali'a wasn't into it! These girls are so funny!
Here's Jocelyn being so nice to Hali'a and letting her kiss her. (Hali'a laughs every time she sees this picture and says, "my butt!" cause she can see her own butt crack!)

The two soggy diaper girls in the pool

Kayla and Hali'a crashed out on our drive home from a beach outing...

Hali'a just adores Kayla and was like her little "mini me". She followed her everywhere she went and loved to copy every thing she did!

Can you see how much Hali'a adores her?!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Hali'a went to Disneyland for the first time with her mommy, grammy, Aunt Amy, Aunt Lala, & her cousins, Kayla and Joceyln.
Here we are taking the little trolly from the parking lot to the park

In front of the castle

On the Toy Story ride

Hali'a waiting in line to ride the space ships

Hali'a, Kayla & Jocelyn patiently awaiting their turns on the space ships!

On some safari boat

Amy and her girls

Toward the end of the day Jocelyn was pooped out!

The Jenks girls on the horses

Hali'a on the Dumbo ride (yes mom, the yellow one, just for you!)

Amy and Kayla on the pink Dumbo

We had such a fun day at Disneyland!! Thank you grammy and bumpa and also to "Disney Dave" for the tickets!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Laguna Beach

Yep, another trip to the beach. It was a nice hot day but when we got to Laguna Beach the water was FREEZING! Seriously, after having it wash up and down my ankles my feet, especially my toes, were sore!
It was fun though because we got to be out in the sun and have fun on the sand!

Jeff and Jon jumped into the ocean a few times and came running back out because it was so cold but then they dug a little pool and after a few minutes the water warmed up.