Monday, October 26, 2009

Last Home Game

Last week was Megan and Crystal's last home water polo game. They both did very well this year and it was so fun to watch them!! I admire their athletic abilities and sportsmanship!! I didn't even realize how exhausting this game was!! Congratulations girls on a great year!

The fan club, supporting the gals at their last home game...

Happy Birthday!

October is a month full of birthdays in our family!
Cassie/Joe-boy- Oct 4th
Jeremy- Oct 12th
Uncle Danny-Oct.26th

We wished we could have celebrated all of your birthdays with you but some of you are so far away! We remembered you all on your birthday and hoped that you enjoyed your special day!
We love you!!

Last night we did get to celebrate Lala and Uncle Danny's birthdays by having a yummy Mexican dinner (cooked by Jon, of course), and yummy dessert (by Jon and Aunt Vicki)!
It was a fun night!

The birthday peeps:
Lala's age....let's keep that a secret.
Uncle Danny's age...hmm, who knows?!!

Hali'a got messy eating her rice, beans, guacamole and chicken dinner! After eating everything on her tray, she tried to finish the rest of her dinner that she found on her chest and her toes:)

Go Dodgers!

Hali'a with her new Dodgers T-shirt from Grandpa

The last Dodger game...very disappointing!

Playing with GG and Aunt Vicki

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mommy and Baby

Last night we went to Emma Valenzuela's baptism. It was such a neat experience and I felt the spirit very strongly there. Witnessing her baptism strengthened my testimony of our Heavenly Father's love for his children and in the ordinance of baptism. Thank you so much Emma for letting us be a part of your special day!
Unfortunately, I was in a rush to get there on time and hurried out the door without my camera so I wasn't able to get a picture of Hali'a with Emma on her special day.
After the baptism we had Liza's delicious lazagna and a REALLY yummy cake from the King's Hawaii bakery. Hali'a really loved that!
Here's us after we got home from the Valenzuela's home...

A visit from Cousin, Z

Last night we were so lucky to get a visit from Zealand and his mommy and daddy and his grandma and grandpa too!

Zealand lives in northern California but came down for the weekend and it was so fun to see him!

Zealand is only 5 1/2 months old but he weighs around 22 pounds and is a few inches taller than Hali'a.

Usually Hali'a doesn't like other babies but she liked Z! She crawled to him and put her head on his head, it was pretty sweet! Z liked playing with Halia too! Z can't crawl yet, but he's almost there! He's already on all fours and can even do a push up and the "downward dog" (for all you P90X-aholics).

Happy Zealand!

Before Uncle Danny, Aunt Vicki, Lani, Joe and Zealand left, we caught Z in a fun mood. He kept giggling at Erin...

Isn't he a cutie?!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


About 3 weeks ago Hali'a learned how to do "crazy". We've been trying to catch it on video for a long time but only now have we finally gotten it!

She learned this after watching me do it just one time. She's learning things so quickly, makes Jon and I really think before we do or say anything these days:)


Here's a little view of Hali'a's teeth. They are coming quickly, and unfortunately, all at once!


Yesterday we celebrated Hali'a's 11th month birthday by going to the BYU vs. SDSU football game in San Diego. It took about 2 hours to drive down, but we all had a fun time! It was Hali'a's first football game and victory was sweet!


Sick baby

As many of you might know, Hali'a has been sick for a while. She has had a fever, a lot of congestion in her chest and throat, and has been throwing up and coughing. She has been this way since we came home from Utah on October 7th. We were worried about her so we took her to the urgent care center on the Saturday that we were back in California and the doctor prescribed her some antibiotics. Her fever broke for a couple days but the cough lingered. We got her in to see her Pediatrician the following Tuesday and he said her congestion was pretty bad so he prescribed her steroids. So, our little girl has been on Tylenol for her fevers, antibiotics (just incase of a throat infection), steroids for her congestion, and albuterol/nebulizer treatments for her congestion as well. At night she gets baby vapor rub on her chest and sleeps with a humidifier by her bed. It seems like a lot to be doing and giving to such a little baby, but since all of this she has gotten a lot better. She doesn't have a fever anymore. The only thing lingering is the cough and some congestion, but these are going away too. We are so thankful for our baby. It's crazy how much parents worry about their children!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Las Vegas

On Tuesday, October 6th we drove Jacob down to Vegas. We stayed at Waka's house...

Waka has 4 dogs but this black dog, Diesel, was Hali'a's little body guard. She sat in the front of us (as shown below) and snapped at Waka's hand when he tried to reach out and touch Hali'a.

Waka and Hali'a-girl

Before leaving Vegas to drive to California, we stopped to see Kekoa. Most of his children were in school so we weren't able to see them but we did get to see his youngest, Mia, who is only 3 years old. She has gotten so big since the last time we saw them and she's still very shy!

Kekoa and Hali'a

Hali'a, Kekoa, and Mia

Pictures at Temple Square

On Monday, October 5th, we picked up Jacob from the airport and went straight to Temple Square to take pictures...

Hali'a's first trip to Temple Square

Play time...

Unlike Hali'a, Nawe'a is very affectionate. Hali'a got lots of kisses from Nawe'a but unfortunately my camera didn't capture any of them very well...

Hali'a also got lots of kisses from Aunty Tiana...

Playing in the morning...

Meeting the Sproat ohana at La Carretta, one of our favorite places to eat in Utah...