Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hali'a got to wear this cute dress that Hilarie bought her a long time ago. She finally grew enough to fit it and it looked so cute!!

Hali'a in the action of screaming

Game on!

Can you guess what she's doing??
Hint: it's one of her favorite games....

Yes, she's having a staring contest with Troy Smits!!

When she lost she was a poor sport about it

She's very competitive, like her daddy, and cries when she loses, like her mommy:) jk

Friday, September 18, 2009

Hali-Girl is 10 Months!!

Hali'a made 10 Months yesterday and I got a few pictures of her in her happy mood. She's growing so big and has so much personality! We love her so much!!!

Hali'a loves smiling at the cleaning lady, Suzanna, so I had her help me make her smile while I took some pictures. You can tell she's searching for Suzanna in some of these pictures:)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hali'a's Heart

Today we saw Dr. Batra, Hali'a's cardiologist. He checked her pacemaker and says that everything is perfect! In fact, he was able to lessen the rate of the leads from 80 bpm minimum to 70 bpm minimum. So, she's doing great, her pacemaker is doing great, and she is growing! She weighed in at 13.8 pounds and 26 inches!

Monday, September 14, 2009

C5 Ward Medieval Times Activity

Cypress 5th Ward had our Medieval Times activity on Saturday, September 12th. The ward was split into two teams: the "True Blue" team and the "Sunbeam" team. We were on the true blue team and decided to show some team spirit (and give a small tribute to BYU!).
Hali'a all decked out in her true blue outfit

true blue gals

true blue jenks ohana

Hali'a captured by her grammy, who was on the opposing sunbeam team

Hali'a, behind enemy lines, with Cindy

We had a lot of fun at the ward activity! Of course, the blue team won!! Hali'a loved all the excitement and people and ended the night with Liza's ice cream!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Saturday Balloon Ride

We drove to the Orange County Great Park in Irvine to sight-see on the big orange air balloon. It can hold about 30 people but there weren't too many people there this morning so that was nice! Kandice Smith came and hung out with us too!

Cypress College Water Polo

Today I watched Megan at her water polo match against Sierra College.
She had some great assists and even scored!

There's Megan with the ball...

Pictures with the stars of Cypress College Women's Water Polo team:

The Neighborhood Snake

We got a visit from the neighborhood snake...a Cambodian Red Tail.
As you can see, I wasn't too excited about it and Hali'a didn't even care!

Friday, September 11, 2009

The gal wanted a donut!

Hali'a decided she wanted a doughnut for breakfast so she helped herself to the pink sprinkled one by pulling the doughnut box closer to her and picking at it.

Of course she looked around to check if she was being watched and stared at us for approval

After smiling back at her and telling her to go ahead and eat it, she went for it!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Teething Baby + Cold Popsicle = Happy Baby!!!

Hali'a's first popsicle...

it was a little sour...

then she liked it...

then she hit another sour patch...

and by the time she figured out that she really did like it...

it was gone....

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Working Mama

Yesterday I started my job at LA Records company, yes, the same company that Jon works for. Jon drives around California serving subpoenas and copying medical records for court. When he comes back at the end of the day with those records I take them and clean the files on the computer then get them ready to be turned over.
My job is pretty easy and our bosses are church members and so easy to work with. I work from 4-8pm so after an hour I'm in the office alone so I get to listen to country music while I work. I even get to wear jeans!!
It'll be a nice little break from Hali'a and it'll be nice to save money to get our own apartment and stop bumming off of my in-laws!
The only bummer part about it is that I don't get to see Jon 'til after work. He has seminary in the morning then he's off to work, but when he's done, I'm working so it's a long day without him. I'll only get to see him for a little bit after seminary (before he goes to work), and when he comes into the office to turn in records.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hali'a Updates

Since Hali'a has been growing so quickly, it has been hard for Jon and I to capture each growing moment on camera. She is changing and progressing every day so we thought we'd share some new and exciting changes in her life:

1. Hali'a can roll all over the floor, and yesterday she started crawling!
2. She LOVES table food, in fact, she had waffles for breakfast!
3. Hali'a babbles and shouts almost all day long. Sometimes it's like she can have a conversation!
4. She LOVES Rock and Roll music and will dance to anything with a good base drum beat!
5. Hali'a calls, "mamama" and "mummy" when she wants mom to pick her up or if she's mad at daddy
6. She sometimes calls her bottle "baba" and can hold her own bottle during feedings
7. Hali'a has 3 teeth on the bottom and 2 more coming out on the bottom and 2-4 coming out on the top
8. She is excited when daddy comes home from work and sometimes calls him "googie"
9. Hali'a is VERY ticklish
10. She will sit up and watch the Sponge Bob theme song when it comes on TV
11. Hali'a loves to walk (with assistance)-she just loves being on her feet like a big girl
12. She loves bath time and splashing her hands in the water
13. Hali'a now takes a 1.5 hour nap at 9am and a 2+ hour nap at 1pm, but still not sleeping through the night:(
14. Her hair is getting longer, thicker, and browner, and her eyebrows are now brown enough to be seen by the naked eye
15. Hali'a shakes her head side to side like "No-no"
16. She sways back and forth when there's a good tune playing
17. Hali'a can pull herself up to a standing position with the help of a chair or someone's shirt, shorts, or legs.

She is just amazing!! She makes everyone happy! We love her so much!!