Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hali'a's last morning on Molokai

Hali'a got up really early this morning wanting to play with Papa and Nanz...
Diaper Head

She's going to miss Molokai and all her ohana!
We'll see everyone again in December!!!!

Father's Day 2009

Hali'a and I were sad that we weren't able to spend Father's day with Jon. It was his first Father's day. We'll have lots more Father's day to celebrate with him though. This year was a wierd one cause Hali'a and I were in Hawaii for both Mother's Day and Father's Day this year without Jon. We missed him!!
After church:
Me and Grandma Bertha
Me and Papa Gary
Me and my grandparents
My dad and grandpa with Hali'a
Although we didn't get to spend Father's day with Jon, I was happy I could spend it with my father and my papa!
Me and Aunty Nani--the two Lupus gals
Nanz and Hali'a
Three generations
The Adachi keikis

The whackos we really are...

More 'ohana Adachi pictures

Meeting Aunty Nani
Meeting Kaili at Kally's 1st Birthday lu'au
Picture time with Aunty Peggy at Kally's lu'au

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dad leaves, we go to the beach, and Papa goes home

Jon flew home on Sunday, June14th. It was sad to see him leave. We miss him very much!!
Here's Jon getting on his Island Air flight at dusk.
(It's the biggest plane that comes to Molokai--holds 32 passengers)
We watched at the waving area waiting for his plane to take off. Here's a shot of his plane and the Molokai airport...
Bye Jon!
and just like that, Jon was gone. We're excited to see him next Wednesday!
Since Jon went home, mom, Hali'a and Abi had to go to the beach without him

Papa Gary was in the hospital since April 8th and was finally released on June 17th. He's doing much better and was so happy to be home. It was the cutest thing to see him come home. He was especially excited to see his dog!

Getting attention

Sometimes when we look away from Hali'a she gives out this little yell to let us know she's waiting for us to look at her and pay attention.

We recorded this on June 17th, when she turned 7 months old.

Birthday Balloon

We visited Nanz at work and Hali'a found this singing birthday balloon to be so funny!

She loved it cause it sang "happy birthday" to her and she also liked Nanz's "tooting"

Hali'a is 7 Months old!!

Hali'a is so much bigger now! Jon and I are so grateful for our precious little girl!

I had to take one more picture before she went to bed that night and it sort of woke her up

Hali'a @ Sandy Beach

Driving down east end Molokai

Jon took this video of a small part of the drive home from Sandy beach on the east side of Molokai...you get to see the nice beaches and fish ponds, and of course Jon's feet and face too!

Sandy Beach

Hali'a, cutie pie

First time at the beach with Uncle Jacob
Meeting Aunty Starlet
Of course, she fell asleep

Thanks Starlet and Rachael for meeting us there!!

On the drive home....we were very tired!

Kamakou Preserve

The road up to the forest...

The beautiful Ohia Lehua blossom flourishes in the Molokai forest
The waterfalls--they weren't running that day

Isn't this place beautiful! It's places like these where the fresh air, beautiful sounds, and peaceful feeling makes me appreciate all the beauty Heavenly Father has created!