Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hali'a's incision


On Monday, May 25, 2009 Hali'a was discharged from CHOC. It was around 2:30pm. Only 2 days after her surgery. She was so ready to go! After they unhooked her from all the wires, machines, and IV's she sat around happily waiting to leave!

She was recovering so well! We even got smiles and laughs from her!

Just waiting to be released!!

Surgery Day (Saturday, May 23, 2009)

Hali'a went into surgery at 12:15pm and came out around 1:45pm. Here are some pictures of her right after coming out of surgery. She has an IV in her arm and on on her foot. The tube coming out of her on her right side is just draining the fluid and blood from her surgery.

After getting some pain medication and some food Hali'a was able to get some rest

Jon's a great daddy. He stayed in Hali'a's room for all the days she was in the hospital.

Monday, May 25, 2009

At the cardiologists (Friday, May 22, 2009)

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, we used the Life Watch machine to collect data from Hali'a's pacemaker. The data was sent to our Cardiologist and we were told we would hear from him if he found any problems. Well, it turns out that there was a problem with the data so we went into the Cardiologist's on Friday, May 22, 2009 at 1:30pm.
Dr. Batra (our Cardiologist) asked us if Hali'a was moving a lot during the Life Watch test and I told him that she wasn't moving a whole lot,but she did yank on one of the wires once. He told me that the data it collected showed some problems with the pacemaker so he did further tests at his office. Here are the pictures of the testing she had to go through at Dr. Batra's office...

After the testing he asked if I had noticed anything strage with Hali'a lately. I told him that she was a lot more fussy, she was breathing quicker, and she loss her appetite. I also told him that I thought it was from her immunization shots she had gotten on Monday so I wasn't too worried about those things. He then told me that Hali'a's pace maker had a malfunction. He said that her heartbeat was back at around 50 beats per minute. For some reason her pace maker lead wasn't connecting at some times, but some times it would pace her heart and she would beat at 100. When I heard the news I started to cry. He told me that the three strange behaviors that I had noticed was probably from her pace maker malfunction. It was hard to take the news and I was scared for Hali'a.
He immediately called the hospital to admit us. There wasn't an open bed in the Cardiovascular intensive care unit so we had to wait in his office 'til we could be admitted at 3:45pm.
Jon came to the hospital around 7pm (after work).
Dr. Batra couldn't get in contact with our surgeon, Dr. Palafox, to do the surgery that night so we slept at the hospital to wait 'til the morning when Dr. Bates, another surgeon, could do the surgery.

Friday, May 22, 2009

She's a hungry gal!

You eat that table, girl!

Hali'a loves sitting at the table with us during dinner time. Since she's not eating table food yet, she usually finds something else to snack on. usually it's her hands or a baby spoon, but that night it was the table!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We received a new machine called "Life Watch" which allows us to collect data from Hali'a's pacemaker. We hook her up to the machine ourselves then someone from the company calls us to collect the data then they send that data to our cardiologist, Dr. Batra. Hali'a had her first Life Watch appointment on Wednesday. The process only took about 7 minutes. After the session, the Life Watch representative said that she had received the data and that Dr. Batra would call us if there were any problems.
We received a message while we were out yesterday that Dr. Batra wanted us to come in today so we will be going in to see him about the results. He wants to do a pacemaker interrogation...whatever that means. I hope things are good with her pacemaker. I'll let you know what we find out today after we get back from his office!

After our Life Watch appointment we went to the beach. Jon didn't have to work on Wednesday so our family got to spend some time together in the sun. It was a lovely day and we all enjoyed the sunshine and cool breeze!

Molokai Friends

Hali'a and Aunty Nano

Playing with her friend, Delany

Thank you for the pictures, Nano!!!