Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All bundled up...

As many of you know, Hali'a has been sick lately. She doesn't usually liked being bundled up, but since being sick she has liked it a lot more...

Our little sushi roll...
Maki Sushi, anyone?

Jono's Birthday

On April 23rd, Jon turned 27 years old! Yay!! He had to work, cause that's what grown-ups do, but we had some steak for dinner and some cake...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hali'a's real Easter dress...

On Easter Sunday Hali'a had the stomach flu and threw up all over her cute little Easter dress so she didn't get to wear it on that Sunday.
Here she is with that dress...she wore it today for church.

Thank you, Aunty Nano for the beautiful headbands and flowers!!

More Beach Fun!!

On Saturday, April 18, 2009 we went to Sunset Beach...

It was a beautiful, sunny day and Hali'a loves being outside!!

Hali'a's first feel of the cold ocean water (we went to Crystal cove and Venice beach before, but Hali'a didn't get to touch the water)

She actually liked the water and the sand in her toes, but it was too cold to play in it for too long!

Uncle Justin's awesome hair... he will, from this day forth, be known as "Syndrome"

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hali'a is 5 Months!!

Hali'a has been sick since Easter Sunday so we couldn't get a bunch of cute pictures but here are a few when she wasn't covered in her own barf...
(jon likes this one...it was just before she blinked)

She is now 10 pounds and 8 ounces!!

Just a few pictures

Hanging out with Grandpa Kenny

Watching "The Mentalist" on TV

Hanging with Aunty Lala at the Jenks' Easter get-together

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Celebrations

After the annual Jenks' Easter celebration, Marni and her family came over to look at some pictures and while her kids were playing portugese horse shoe outside, I took these photos and thought they were adorable!

On Easter sunday Hali'a started feeling bad and throwing up. In fact, she threw up on her pretty Easter dress so when she starts feeling better we will get her back in her dress and get some pictures up:)

After Easter dinner with some friends, Uncle Larry soothes Hali'a...

Easter Treats

On Saturday, April 11th, Hilarie and I made some easter treats for my sunbeam class. I got the ideas from foodnetwork.com and they came out really cute!!
Thanks so much, Hilarie, for helping me!!

Close-up of the peep cupcakes...everything was edible: peeps, airheads, jellybeans, and sprinkles...
A close-up of the sheep cupcakes. Marshmellows, jellybeans, candy eyes, and a purple jujube for the nose...

Sunday, April 05, 2009

"Hey" game with Daddy

Here's Hali'a and Jon playing the "hey" game today:

(Don't mind the drool coming out of Hali'a's mouth that's running down her tummy...she sure doesn't mind!)

April 5, 2009... Happy Birthday Nanz!

All Hali'a has to offer you for a present...

Hali'a was being fussy and wouldn't drink from her bottle so we tried feeding rice cereal to her...she liked it. It was more fun than nutritious. It calmed her down for a little bit though.

Aunty Lala came for brunch and to watch the last session of conference with us...but, I fell asleep.

Friday, April 03, 2009

A Trip to the Cardiologist / Tummy-packing

Hali'a had her Cardiologist appointment yesterday, April 2, 2009.
She screamed the whole way there (like 15 minutes) BUT, when we got there she was a good girl!

Her first appointment was to get an echo done on her heart.  It's like an ultrasound, but it looks at the heart instead of a fetus.  She smiled and talked a lot to the Asian lady doctor who did the echo exam.  The doctor said she was so strong cause Hali'a kept tugging on her fingers during the exam so it was difficult for the doctor to get clear readings.  That took about 45 minutes and Hali'a was good until the last 5 minutes when the doctor had to push down with the reader on Hali'a's belly to see the pacemaker.  It looked very uncomfortable and by Hali'a's fussy reaction, I could tell she didn't enjoy that very much.

Here's Hali'a tugging on the lady's fingers...

Here's the picture of her heart reading.  It was 100 bpm.  Exactly what the pacemaker is supposed to be pumping for her.  During the exam Hali'a kept staring at the monitor, it was cute watching her stare at her own heartbeat reading!  
It's such a blessing to live during this time where technology has helped to save Hali'a.

The exam ended at about 12:50pm and her next appointment was at 1pm to see Dr. Batra, the Cardiologist.  He did more readings and she was very good for him as well.  She chattered a storm like she was telling a long story and she smiled and laughed for him too.  He took readings from the pacemaker chip that's inside Hali'a's tummy.  Everything looked to be normal and Dr. Batra said that the pacemaker should last until Hali'a's around 2 years old.
As part of the exam, Dr. Batra had to put on about 10 sticky pads all over Hali'as chest, stomach, and legs.  We all know those things hurt to take off, but Hali'a laughed when the nurse took off each one, as if she was being tickled!

She was measured at the appointment and she is now 10 pounds, 2 ounces and is 23 inches long!

Here's Hali'a in the tummy-pack.  There are little spots on the side for her arms to go through but she doesn't like that cause she can't reach her mouth so I just leave them on the top...the only thing about that is when she's not eating her hands, they have to stay out like that.
This has been a lifesaver.  Hali'a loves to walk around and see everything so I put her in here when I have chores to do at home.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Venice Beach

Yesterday, April 1st, we went down to visit Venice Beach.
Here's Jon, Hali'a, and Mike walking along the street vendors and little sidewalk shops
(sorry it's blurry, my camera phone stinks!)

We didn't see any muscle men working out, which is what we heard people usually see, but Mike did try the rings...

Balboa Island

After Crystal Cove, we took an auto ferry to Balboa Island. While we were there we visited the famous frozen banana stand (which was featured on one of our favorite TV shows, "Arrested Development")

Crystal Cove

On Monday, March 30th, Me, Jon, Mike, and Hali'a drove down to Laguna Beach to a place called "Crystal Cove" It was a beautiful day for Hali'a's first trip to the beach!

Here's our family on our way down to the beach...

Hali'a's first picture on the beach...

Sitting in the sand...

What Hali'a did for most of the time at the beach...chew on her toy...

Jon and Mike went off in search of something cool...

The beautiful beach...