Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pregnancy Pics for my fam-bam in Hawaii...

I promised my mom to take pictures every month of my growing belly and more pictures of our family, so here they are...  

I'm 34 weeks and 4 days....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Still Waiting for baby Frank

In our last update I said that the doctors are waiting for Baby Frank to get to 5 lbs. to deliver her, but when we went to Dr. Anzaldo's office yesterday he changed the plans again...

Dr. Anzaldo talked with the Cardiologist surgeon, Dr. Batra, and after telling him about our situation he said it would be wise to keep Baby Frank "in the oven" for as long as possible.  Dr. Batra said that it was good that we have been tracking Baby Frank's growth pattern and heartbeats for the past 12 weeks.  He said that because Baby Frank is still growing normally and her heartbeats have been steady throughout the last 12 weeks, he didn't think it would change within the next few weeks.  

So, our goal now is to get Baby Frank to week 37.  We are taking it week by week and we know things will go well.

In the meantime, Baby Frank has been SO active!  Yesterday she pretty much danced the whole day!  She even has her favorite spots to sleep at night and it's fun to see my stomach shift into a weird shape and know that she's going to bed.  Along with that, she has her favorite spots to kick.  My favorite thing is when she pushes her feet as hard as she can on my stomach until it's sticking out in that spot and she'll wait for me to tickle it, then she'll kick and move until I stop.  Then after a while she'll push her feet against my stomach again and will keep pushing until I tickle it again.  She's going to be so fun when she is finally out!  We are looking forward to it!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The plan has changed...

We saw Dr. Anzaldo yesterday and the plan has changed...

After the cardiologist and Dr. Anzaldo talked this weekend, they decided that it would be better for the baby to be at least 5 lbs. before they deliver her.  The cardiologist explained to Dr. Anzaldo that the bigger the baby is, the better chance she'll have of getting a two-chamber pacemaker, which is a lot better than just a one-chamber pacemaker that they put in babies that are of a lower birth weight. 
Baby Frank is 3 lbs. 15 oz.  now.  She's growing quickly and my doctor says I have to eat a lot more so we can get her to that 5 lbs. mark.  I feel like I eat so much already but now I'm going to have to start eating constantly.  I never thought that eating would be such a burden, but if it's helping my baby then I'll do it.  Anyway, my mother in law says I should take advantage of it cause it's probably one of few times that people actually want me to eat more and gain a lot of weight.
I hope over the next week or so Frank will gain the weight that she needs and that we will be able to figure out an actual game plan so that my parents will have an opportunity to be here when she comes.

P.S.  Jon and I have three names for Frank... Jon says when she comes out she'll tell him which one to name her so I guess everyone will have to wait 'til she's born to know her real name:)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

31 weeks, 4days

Here's the baby bump at 31 weeks, 4 days.  She'll only be in there for a couple more weeks so I don't think the bump is going to get too much bigger.  Maybe it will though, we'll see.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ready or not, here Frank comes!!

Jon and I saw Dr. Anzaldo yesterday for our weekly appointment.  We got the good news that I gained two pounds and the baby's still strong and growing.  She's now 3 lbs. 12 oz.  He also gave us some new ultrasound pictures of Frank so that was nice.  I asked him when we would be setting a date to deliver Frank and he said that after we see the cardiologist on Thursday, the two of them will talk it over and when we go in for next week's appointment (Oct. 13th), we'll set the "game plan."  He said it will be sometime next week or the following week.  That's pretty close...I'm excited but kind of scared that the time has already come.  I know she'll be fine though. 

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Frank updates...

This week was a great one, everybody!!!

On Sunday night baby Frank would not stop moving.  She danced and exercised all night.  It was keeping me up, but I didn't mind because it's such a blessing to feel her having fun in there!

On Monday afternoon, me, Jon, and Erin went to Dr. Anzaldo's office for another check up.  It was pretty cool cause the baby's heat beat was up to 125 beats per minute, which was awesome!  She also grew so now she's 3 lbs. and 6 oz!  It was cool to see how big she got and how quick her heartbeat was.  Jon asked what could make her heart jump up and he said that it's probably because she was up all night exercising... you know how when you exercise, your heart rate goes up, right?  Well, Jon also asked if Dr. Anzaldo thought that she'd go the full 40 weeks and he said "no".  He said the goal is to make it to at least 34 weeks.  I'm now 30.5 weeks along.  So, if he delivers Frank around the 34th week, then we might be having Frank by Halloween!  That's exciting but still kind of scary cause she'll be premature.  I'm sure whatever the Lord wants to happen will happen and Jon and I are both happy with that.

I was also able to get two doses of steroids so I'm feeling a little better and hopefully these treatments will help Frank's lungs develop more.  Jon has been able to give me the shots at home so it's been nice not having to go back and forth these past two days to have the doctors inject the steroids.

That's the great news for this week!!  We'll see Dr. Anzaldo again next Monday so we hope she continues to grow and stay strong!

P.S. A big congratulations to Lyle and Jules who had their baby boy this morning!  I can't wait to meet Zeke!!  Love you guys!  Please put up pictures soon!!