Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sweet News about our sweet baby...

Today Hilarie and I went to Dr. Anzaldo's office to check up on the baby's heart, like we've been doing every week now for about a month and a half.  I thought things were going to be the same old stuff that we usually hear, you know, that the baby's at about the same rate as the previous week, but today was a very special day at Dr. Anzaldo's...

When Hilarie and I walked into the waiting room, it was the first time that there was just one woman there waiting.  Usually the room is packed and there are little to no seats available so that was cool.  We were called into the ultrasound room very quickly cause there was only one person ahead of us so that was nice too.  I was weighed and was disappointed to learn that I had lost a pound since the previous week.  I thought I was doing pretty well with gaining weight, but I guess I'm not doing as good as I though.

Anyway, Dr. Anzaldo came in and while looking at the ultrasound screen he was amazed at the things he saw.  While describing and measuring Frank's heart he must have exclaimed "beautiful!" about twenty times!  He told me and Hilarie that the baby's heart rate was now 105 instead of the low 60 beats per minute.  110 beats per minute is considered "normal", so Frank's heart beat has gone up in one week.  Dr. Anzaldo said that he doesn't know how she's doing it.  He was so excited and kept asking me if I knew how amazing this was.  I can't even describe the peace and happiness I felt to hear him tell us all the good things that were going on with Frank.  I knew immediately that these blessings were really answers to prayers and a testament of faith in our Savior.
He went on with more good news saying that although I had lost a pound, the baby gained 10 ounces so she's now 2 pounds, 14 ounces.  He showed us the growth chart and she was right in the normal range of growth.  He also shared that he was amazed that the amniotic fluid around her was still normal and that she was moving a lot more than how babies with heart problems usually move.

So that is the good news about Frank.  She's a miracle.  She's a strong girl.
Thank you to everyone who has been praying and fasting for our family.  I hope that this strengthens your testimony in our Savior like it has strengthened mine and Jon's!

P.S.  Dr. Anzaldo is an awesome and pretty fun doctor and he said our baby has a cute butt and long maybe she'll be taller than me:)

Friday, September 12, 2008


I've been meaning to share a little story about Jon bonding with Frank...

A couple of weeks ago before bed time I was lying on my back just feeling Frank move all over.  She was keeping me up like she usually does at night.  I let Jon feel her move so he could bond with her and as soon as he put his hand on my belly, Frank put her feet on the part of my belly that Jon's hands were on and slid it across slowly.  Jon was pretty excited cause he said she was practicing her moonwalk!  It was pretty cool though.  We couldn't help falling asleep with smiles that night!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Lovely "baby bump"

Here are a couple of pictures that we finally took of my "baby bump".  We wanted to take one each month but didn't get to so these are the first pictures at about 26 weeks (6.5 months).  I'm still not very big yet.  In fact, I wasn't showing very much until about 24-25 weeks so if we took pictures before that it wouldn't have shown a bump at all!  
We promised my parents in Hawaii that they'd get more pictures of the growing belly so we'll start taking pictures more regularly. (Sorry you had to wait so long, mom and dad!)
Just as a side note... I've been fearing that my pico (belly button) will pop out soon.  It hasn't yet, but I'm sure it will soon.  Jon thinks it's funny because I'm dreading it so much.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The good news about baby "Frank"

After leaving the doctor's today Jon and I were filled with joy with the things we heard the doctor say.  It was the first time I left the doctor's office with a huge smile on my face and a great feeling in my heart!

First, just a fun story...the nurses and doctor has been on my case about gaining weight.  During my first five months of pregnancy I went from 112 lbs. to 114 lbs.  Today when the nurse weighed me I was 116 lbs. and she lifted both of her arms up with her hands clamped to fists and exclaimed, "Yay!  You gained two more pounds!! Congratulations!"  I had a little laugh because it was the first time anyone has ever congratulated me for gaining weight!

So, after being weighed we went to the ultrasound room and the doctor came in and said that he had talked to the cardiologist and he didn't seem too optimistic about how slow Frank's heart is beating.  The doctor then said that we are still at a risky stage right now because if they decide to deliver the baby soon, there might be a chance that the baby will be too small to put a pacemaker inside her body to help her heart beat normally.  Also, she would have to face prematurity problems.  But, he went on to say that if we left her inside the womb, there's always a possibility of a still-birth.  Then doctor Anzaldo looked at me and said that he would do an ultrasound and see how the baby's doing and we'd have a heart-to-heart chat on what we should do  (depending on how the baby had progressed).

Then, as he set up the machine and squirted warm gel on my belly he asked if the baby had a name.  Jon told him that everyone calls her "Frank" and the Dr. Anzaldo said, "you know the sex of the baby, right?"  and we laughed and told him that we knew it was a girl but we still called her "Frank" as a joke.  He said, "well, ok, let's see how Frank is doing!"  (Jon and I had a little giggle when he said that).

The ultrasound was awesome!!!  He checked her heart and said that her beats were still slower than normal, but as he went on to check other problems that usually occur with slow heartbeats, he was amazed that he couldn't find any other problems with baby Frank.  He said that babies with slow heartbeats usually have lower blood flow, but he said our baby had regular/normal blood flow.  He said that babies with slow heartbeats usually don't grow normally and are usually very much smaller than other babies at this point of development, but he checked her measurements and he told us that she is growing normally and actually gained more than a pound.  Our baby grew from 1 lb. and 3 oz. to 2 lbs. and 4 oz.  Also, while doing the ultrasound, the baby kept moving around and kicking my belly and the dotor told us how amazed he was to see how active she was, given her situation.  All-in-all he said she had progressed quite nicely and that instead of delivering this week, he thinks it would be best if we let her develop more in my womb and see if things continue to progress normally.
All this was great news to our ears.  Immediately we were grateful to our Heavenly Father for blessing us and baby Frank.

Oh, and another good thing about this visit was that I was able to get a steroid shot that would help with my Lupus and would help the baby's lungs to develop.  I got a shot in the butt, but it was all worth it cause this morning my ankle was hurting and now I feel fantastic!  Jon gets to give me my second shot tomorrow and that's all the steroids I will need to help the baby, but it's another blessing from our Heavenly Father!

Thanks again for everyone's faith, prayers, and fasts!!