Saturday, July 05, 2008

Baby's Due Date

Hey everyone, so if you haven't heard already Dr. Kizner changed our due date. He says we should expect our baby girl more around November 30th instead of December 5th. It's not a huge difference but it's one week less we'll have to wait for her:) But I guess that also means one week less for me to prepare. Oh well. We're still very excited!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Our baby girl...

So on Sunday, June 29th Jon took me to the Los Al Emergency Room cause I was having some complications. They just told me that the problem would fix itself and that I needed to stay off of my feet and take it easy for a bit.
The next day I went and saw Dr. Kizner and after checking up on the problem he said that I didn't have anything to worry about.
Things are fine now but while at Dr. Kizner's office we were able to find out our baby's gender. Here are some pictures:
This is a picture of our baby's seat; her two legs and mom wanted to see
The doc said that he's not 100% sure if it's a girl but for the moment he says we can call it a girl.

Sailing with Eric

Eric took us, Jeff, Amy, Kayla, Justin, and Jordan on a sailing trip on Wednesday, June 25th. It was a lot of fun. Jordan got to be Cpt. for a bit and Kayla was happy to see the 3 huge seals on the floaters. It was funny when she said that they "stink like diapers"
Thanks for taking us Eric! We'll have to take you to get sushi one of these days!

A weekend with the whole Jenks Ohana

Well, we moved to California on Sunday, June 22nd and that same night Jeff, Amy, and Kayla flew in from Missouri for a week. We had lots of fun and it was great to have the whole family together!
Jeff, Amy, and Kayla left to go back to Missouri today but we were able to get some pictures before their departure.

The four boys: Jeff, Jon, Jordan, and Justin

The Jenks boys with their glowing sister, Hilarie

Jon and Justin, real ganstas

Jeff Jenks ohana

Kayla and her best friend, Justin

All the Jenks kiddies

Jordan's Endowment Session

We were able to go with Jordan and the family to the Newport Beach LDS temple for Jordan's endowment session on Tuesday, June 24th.  It was a very unique moment for Jordan, we're sure, but it was also a special time for us to see him make sacred temple covenants.  We are so happy for you Jordan!  Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day!  We know you'll be a great missionary!!!!!