Thursday, June 26, 2008

California Residents

Hey Everyone!
So Jon and I made the big move to California on Sunday morning. Our good friends, Tiana and Justin came over and helped us pack up the truck so that was really nice of them! We were able to leave our apartment at about 10:30am. Due to traffic though we didn't get to Jon's parent's house until 9:30pm. We've been here only a few days but we are loving it!! We just wanted to say thank you to all our friends back in Utah, especially Tiana and Justin for always helping us! We'll miss you! We'll have to plan to meet up in Vegas or something:)

Friday, June 20, 2008


Hey Utah friends!
As you all know, Jon and I are moving to California this weekend but before we go we are combining with Lyle and Julia (who are moving to Hawaii soon) and having one huge garage sale. We are selling furniture, kitchen ware, clothes, dvds, office and art supplies, electronics, and lots of other stuff so if any of you need it come and check it out!

Saturday, June 21st @8am
400 N. 400 W. Provo

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just a scare on Thursday...

On Thursday afternoon I was having some cramps so I remembered that my doctor said if I ever get cramps to drink some water and lay on my left side for an hour.  So I went to the kitchen to get some water and as I was walking I was feeling very dizzy and weak.  I remember there was a very bright white flash that made it impossible for me to see so I leaned against the kitchen counter then I blacked out and all I remember was hitting my head and waking up on the kitchen floor.  When I opened my eyes I was staring at the kitchen floor, but it was really blurry, and my face hurt really bad.  I said a prayer and immediately my vision came back clearly.  I had the strength to drink two glasses of water and made it to the bed where my phone was.  I remember calling Jon (because he was supposed to go on a golfing trip with a friend), but I don't remember what I told him.  He said I mumbled about not feeling good and blacking out so he came straight home.  

While in bed I was having major cramps.  I honestly have never felt that much pain in my life thus far.  I really thought I was going to either lose my baby or die.  When Jon got home he made me more water and called my doctor.  He also gave me a blessing and soon after the cramps came less and less and with less intensity.  Both Jon and I knew that our baby was going to be okay.

I'm just really grateful that Jon is a worthy priesthood holder and a husband of great faith.  It's amazing how much love he has for our family and for the gospel.

We had a scare on Thursday, but we are all fine now.  Well, except I have a bump and a cut on my head and a bruise on my knee from falling.  I'm sure it'll go away soon:)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yay, a heartbeat!!

Yesterday, Jon and I went to see Dr. Broadbent again and we finally got to hear the heat beat. At first I thought it was my own heartbeat cause it was so strong, but I was wondering why my heart was beating so quickly! Jon was quick to let me know that it wasn't my heartbeat:)
Dr. Broadbent sent me to the IHC hospital for more blood tests so that was pretty scary, but Jon keeps reassuring me that things will be okay. I get stressed out really quickly so I'm so glad to have a husband that's so cool all the time.
Anyway, we are just amazed that the pregnancy has come this far and we're more excited each day for this baby!