Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Summer Time!!

Hali'a's friend, Addison had a princess ball for her 4th birthday and Hali'a LOVED the idea that she got to be dressed like a Princess!!

We went on vacation with the Jenks family to Bass Lake.  While there we visited Yosemite....AMAZING!  
Our family had a blast!
Thank you to Dadbo, Mombah, Grandma Betty, Dan, Annette, Lala, Jeff and Sawyer:)

Jon and I celebrated our 5th anniversary in Yosemite.
We got to soak for an hour in bath tubs with aromatherapy:)

 Then we got massages:)
Happy 5 years, Jon:)
 Traffic Jam--with two horses leading the way!
 Hali'a "working".  She is reading the crib instruction manual while eating ice cream!
 La'a in an outfit my Grandma May made for me.  I wore it, Hali'a wore it, and now it's La'a's turn:)
 Deer time with Bumpa at Yosemite

 The giant grizzly red.  What an amazing site!!  We didn't even make it to the big trees!!

 Boat ride at Bass Lake...Thank you, Bumpa:)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

...and she walks!

La'akea is officially a walker!!

Our fun times!!

We have a lot of fun times at our house!!
This month we got to celebrate March birthday peeps!!
GG's birthday was on March 12th and Grammy's birthday was on March 2nd!!

Lala made a beautiful chocolate strawberry cake! It was delish!

Birthday shout outs to all other March bday peeps including Papa Adachi and Tutu Man!!

Today (March 22nd) was dance day at our house. We like to dance to country music here:)
It looks like La'a was pushed by Hali'a but actually La'a is pretty new at standing/walking so she fell while Hali'a was making a weird dance pose:) I'm a great photographer, huh!

Lastly, we have a lot of yummy treats here like dirt and rocks from the house plant:)
Anyone hungry?

Ready, Set, BALLET!!

I think it's mandatory for all little girls to fall in love with ballet now days!!
Hali'a has started her ballet classes and absolutely LOVES it!!
It was her Christmas gift from her Grammy and Bumpa (thank you guys so much!)

Can you see/feel the excitement!!!

Her ninja/ballet moves!!

Her ballet class...she's the short, shy one:)

Surprise Hawaii Trip!

This past February we were able to make a surprise visit to Molokai. It was a total surprise to my parents. My brothers picked us up at the airport and after breakfast we went to the school where my parents work.
They were VERY happy!

Hali'a and I love to make funny faces for the camera:)
At the beach:)

I thought this sign was hilarious at Molokai Drive Inn. Of course I felt like a tourist taking a picture of it while my family laughed at me!!
La'akea was very intrigued with tutu's singing. So was Makoa!
We had a WONDERFUL time on Molokai and can't wait to see our ohana again soon!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Someone Like you:)

We promise she loves to sing even though it looks kind of painful in this video

Honi-honi time!!

Here's La'a giving kisses:)

A Start of a Beautiful Year!

Hauoli Makahiki Hou!!
Happy New Year to all our friends and ohana!!
We hope you had a wonderful 2011 and that this year has been a great start for all of you!

We have had a start of a beautiful new year and here are the pictures to prove it...

Knotts Berry Farm!!

Unfortunately the ride that Hali'a always begs to go on was off-limits to kids her size (it was a 42" and taller ride and Hali'a's only 34") but she did get to go on a few which made her so happy!
Since Hali'a is so shy around others and especially enormous cartoon characters we were surprised when she volunteered during the music session of Charlie Brown's hoe down show!

We ended the Knotts Berry day as a Pink Hotdog:)
On Martin Luther King's day we went to Tom's farm and met up with the Gonzales and Mautz ohana and had lots of fun...

Even when we aren't out and about doing something fun we still have a blast at home...
Hali'a LOVES playing with her kitchen and La'a loves to get in on the action too. Here they are having a little cake party:)

and, if you know Hali'a, you know she LOVES pirates!!
One morning I walk out and find her dressed like this....
We are having a wonderful new year and hope that this year is lots more fun and adventurous as last!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The End of 2011

Our little ohana had a wonderful 2011!
Our family was blessed with La'akea in March and we continue to count the blessings we receive each day with Hali'a!

Here are some pictures of our year's end...

the attack of the crazy-haired toddler!!!
We were so lucky to spend Christmas with our family from Erie, Pennsylvania! We had such a fun time with them! We love them so much and miss them tons already!!
Our funny girls doing crazy funny poses:)
The Jenks ohana (minus Justy) on Christmas morning. We had to leave church early to call Justy on his mission. WE LOVE JUSTY and miss him a lot!!

Where's La'a??
She's in her favorite chill spot! When we watch TV she climbs onto the box and does her centerfold pose and stares and us.
Our crazy Hali'a who cracks us up every day!
Our sweet La'a who will brighten up any bad day!!
We hope that 2011 was a good year for you and your ohana too!
May the new year bring more love, joy and peace into your lives!